Treasure Hunt #2

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Contributed by Julie Atwood.

The clues for this morning’s search for human treasures included docks and rocks, trees, sunglasses and flip-flops, bones, angel, mother’s illness and a teal shirt. These were the clues that actually came alive as we searched for God-appointed people to bless through prayer.

Two specific locations popped into the minds of almost all the treasure seekers. In the first, a beautiful lakeside park sprinkled with docks, rocks, and trees (our first three clues), the only living inhabitants seemed at first to be a pair of noisy geese demanding bread. But soon clue numbers four, five and six —sunglasses, flip-flops and the bones, —showed up . . . walking just 15 feet in front of us, past a scene of rocks on the shore and a large tree behind them, there was a couple, one of whom was wearing flip-flops and sunglasses, enough to peak our interest, but then we came to the end of the dock and found the clue that increased our certainty that we’d found our treasure, not actual bones scattered across the grass, but a skull and crossbones painted on all 3 motors of a boat parked in the lot beside the dock. And we agreed if the couple went to that boat, there was no doubt that they were the find. They indeed stopped at the boat to have a better look, so there stood our first two human treasures!

Don and Sally nevertheless fit our clues. As we approached them they greeted us with waves and warm smiles, and they turned out to be most eager for prayer. Sally’s wounded leg and foot received instant healing . . . and the thankful couple, former Vineyard members now searching for a church home, just might show up Sunday morning at New Horizon Vineyard!

In the course of our conversation, we also learned that Don and Sally had not even intended to visit this park, but had stopped there in search of a fishing license, choosing not to go to Walmart, as originally considered. And since they didn’t offer them there at the marina, they also told us they were on their way to purchase a fishing license . . . at the very store that entered the minds of almost all the treasure seekers as our second location.

Celebrating God’s leading to these treasures; we choose to proceed to the second location in search of more. As we headed off down the road toward this store, Don and Sally passed us with more waves and sunny smiles.

While walking into the Bass Pro Shop we at once spotted a lady wearing another of our clues . . . a teal shirt. As she seemed preoccupied at the time, we passed her by to wander awhile through the store and enjoy giant catfish, lifelike statues of deer, and other delights. We stopped in the restaurant to take in the saltwater aquarium and marveled at God’s creation, in particular the Angel fish and realized that was one of our clues. As we left that scene, before too long, here once again appeared that same lady in her teal shirt! This time we did approach her, trusting beyond a doubt we’d found our third human treasure.

Katie had recently lost her mother, so when she saw our map of clues, she knew she was our treasure, and she also received our prayers with gratitude. Another seeker for a church home with a passion for worship, she also expressed interest in checking out New Horizon Vineyard. Our Treasure Hunt proved only one of the many divine appointments she’s experienced of late. She told us about the day her car stopped working and left her stranded along the roadside . . . where a stranger stopped, popped her hood, fixed the car’s problem, and then took off without saying a word. “An angel protects my car,” she assured us.

Don, Sally, and Katie all blessed us today through their joy, faith, and agreement that God meets with us all through divine appointments. God through His wonderful workings provided them with healing, encouragement and assurance.

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