Teaching about healing

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Contributed by Jeremy W.

A conversation between a father (Me) and two daughters, M (elementary school) and T (middle school):

Me (to M and T): Do you believe God still heals?
Both: Yes
Me: How does he heal?
T: Through his magical powers.
Me: Well, not exactly. Let’s call them supernatural, but how do we see those magical powers?
Both: (blank stare)
Me: How did Jesus heal people?
T: Oh, through prayer.
M: No! Remember the girl? He touched her head!
T: Yeah, but he prayed.
M: But it was through touching her!
Me: Maybe ya’ll are both right.
M: So he touched her and prayed.

Me: You know, my ear is really bothering me.
T (to M): I think he wants us to pray for his ear.
M: What words do we say?
Me: What did Jesus say?
T: You know, a normal prayer like “help daddy’s ear feel better.”
Me (interjecting): I don’t want him to “help,” I want him to heal.
M: What words do we say then?
Me: What did Jesus say?
M: In the name of the Lord be healed.
Me: So are you going to pray for me or not?
(a few seconds later).
T (to M): You remembered the touching, you touch his ear first.
(both put their hands on my ear)
M: In the name of the Lord, we ask that daddy’s ear is healed. Amen.

Less than 30 minutes later, after non-stop pain and feeling like I was underwater since 10 AM, pain free and completely clear. Still pain free and completely clear this morning. 🙂

God is good.

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