Healings, miracles, and providence

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A list of physical healings, miracles, and demonstrations of providence within the church and involving members of the church after prayer:

  • No artery blockage after a stroke
  • Healed hip
  • Healed ankle: ankle popped loudly and swelled visibly; swelling goes away completely minutes after prayer
  • Poison ivy rash appears and disappears within minutes after prayer
  • Improved shoulder mobility
  • Pain released from knee
  • Headache goes away
  • Chronic migraines end after prayer of unforgiveness
  • Back is healed during an outreach event
  • Foot is healed during an outreach
  • Suspicions of cancer gone (two individuals)
  • Cancer is inadvertently removed completely
  • Health is restored to someone who unexpectedly and rapidly became ill and was near death
  • Job provision
  • Near-accidents on highways averted (three individuals)
  • Auto accident (near head-on collision) with no injuries
  • Visions of rainbow and cross at a corporate baptism
  • Asthma and irregular heart rate gone after corporate baptism
  • Birth of a baby after years of prayer
  • Leg grows to be even with other leg

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