The desire and heart of NHV’s Worship Team is that we use our musical gifts to create an atmosphere where we can encounter the Presence of God. We offer up our praise, adoration, and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father through music and singing and He responds by changing the atmosphere with His love, joy, healing and peace. Our music is known for being contemporary and dynamic, but we also sometimes leave space for quiet reflection in our worship as well.  It is common to see people raising hands, clapping, or kneeling during our services. These and other expressions are simply the natural reaction to God’s Presence. We want to worship in a manner that’s authentic to the pictures of worship painted in the Bible. For us at NHV, that means passionate and heartfelt responses to the Living God!

Visual Support

The NHV media team uses their talents to further enhance our worship services and the life-changing messages preached at NHV. This team is responsible for computer technology (Power Points, videos, backgrounds, graphics, etc.) and special stage lighting.  If you have a heart for service, a passion for computers and/or lighting, our team is ready to train and equip you! No prior experience is required. We are always excited to welcome new members to this team.

Audio Support

Our Audio technicians are trained to mix the sound for services, including vocals, instruments, special effects and recordings. This is a vitally important support position for the worship team. Our audio department is growing and volunteers are wanted! If you have a passion for music, have a discerning ear, and would like to learn how to mix sound, we would love to train you!


Contact Pastor Amy Grumbein to get involved in any of these areas: amygrumbein@gmail.com