Tuesday night from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

We believe that prayer changes everything. It changes the outcome of events in our lives and in the world. It is that significant. So we encourage people to have intimate conversation with God on a daily basis. But we also encourage corporate prayer where we gather as a community to pray. How we do this at NHV is a little different then normal.

The evening begins by saturating the atmosphere with live acoustic worship. We believe this creates an environment conducive to connecting with God. During this time of worship we encourage people to do as the Lord leads them. Some will join in singing, others will want to be alone, and some will use this time to write or journal. That is up to the individual. There will be times of silence to listen to what the Lord may be revealing to each person. And there will be times of corporate prayer that all are encouraged to join in, if they desire, and also times of receiving prayer for felt needs. It is a night of freedom, revelation and power. Come see the difference one hour can make in your life.