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  1. Musings of a Math-Challenged Creation (June 28, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Musings of a Math-Challenged Creation It’s a sleepy Sunday afternoon. I’m sprawled next to my husband on the living-room couch, our three-colored calico cat plopped on my lap. As I fondle the backsides of Chloe’s velvet orange-black ears, she purrs and kneads the blanky I keep folded over my knees to […]
  2. One man hearing God in stereo (January 12, 2014) - Contributed by Cheryl Vawter. LISTENING TO GOD This Sunday, on my way to work, I decided to stop at the Quik Stop gas station on Broadway near I30 for some coffee. As I was coming out of the store I saw a man admiring my little Smart Car. “That’s a cool car. You get good […]
  3. Faith Like a Child (April 27, 2013) - Contributed by Fran G. Wow! Wow!! Wow!! There is nothing more exciting and humbling when you hear fifth graders shout, ” I am ready for Jesus to come back right now!” Oh, to have faith like a child! We (two elementary school teachers) taught on Jesus’ return and saw MANY hands go up to receive […]
  4. PAIN IS GONE! (February 10, 2013) - Contributed by Marian J. Not sure why I am always surprised and amazed when I see evidence that prayer works. I am a believer and I should EXPECT it to work. Cheryl S. prayed for my leg and back pain to go away after church today. It has been intense pain and I have actually […]
  5. Healings, miracles, and providence (January 15, 2013) - A list of physical healings, miracles, and demonstrations of providence within the church and involving members of the church after prayer: No artery blockage after a stroke Healed hip Healed ankle: ankle popped loudly and swelled visibly; swelling goes away completely minutes after prayer Poison ivy rash appears and disappears within minutes after prayer Improved […]
  6. Teaching about healing (December 11, 2012) - Contributed by Jeremy W. A conversation between a father (Me) and two daughters, M (elementary school) and T (middle school): Me (to M and T): Do you believe God still heals? Both: Yes Me: How does he heal? T: Through his magical powers. Me: Well, not exactly. Let’s call them supernatural, but how do we […]
  7. Holy Light (June 27, 2012) - Contributed by Brandy S. Funny thing at the church on Monday: one of the wax candles near the prayer corner lit up and then blew itself out a few minutes later. In truth, Natalie was inspecting the candle when it blew out; but I find it unlikely that she blew it out as the extinguishing […]

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