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  1. Treasure Hunt: Surprise Divine Appointments at the Harbor (May 9, 2015) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. On the morning of a major storm forecast—complete with thunder and lightning—the Harbor seems the last place God would call us to. Yet several of our clues—each one offered to more than one Hunter—include seagulls, waves, outside, and yellow flowers. Clearly these indicate
  2. Treasure Hunt: Spreading Joy and Blessings . . . and Luring the Final Treasure (April 25, 2015) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “This morning I sense God wanting us to praise Him for His blessings.” Cheryl beams around at her group of Treasure Hunters—Bonnye, Sharla, Jennifer with her two young sons, and me—inviting each of us to share the ways He’s blessed us. As we all take off from Tom Thumb to our […]
  3. Treasure Hunt: Patterns and Pink Shoelaces on Pi Day (March 14, 2015) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “ ‘Don’t hesitate to receive joy from Me.’ ” Abby has just read Jesus’ advice for us this morning from her devotional Jesus Calling . . . when in breezes our group’s final Treasure Hunter, participating for the first time. Her name is Joy. Could this be more than coincidence? When […]
  4. Treasure Hunt: Targeting New Lives and a Treasure with Pink Hair (February 21, 2015) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. As Jennifer, Sharla, and I cruise the almost-empty aisles of Target this overcast Saturday morning—eyes peeled for human Treasures that seem, if they do show up, to scurry away from us—I wonder whether we’ll end up leaving Treasure-less. Though several shoppers pass us garbed in blue jackets or bright pink shirts […]
  5. Treasure Hunt: Blue Shirts, Frisbees, and Two Species of Treasures (February 7, 2015) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. On this first Treasure Hunt of the new year, our first human Treasure is a Treasure Hunter—Bonnye. During our quest for clues, Abby receives her name . . . and Jennifer her prayer need for relief from jaw pain. Pastor Cliff and Abby lay hands on her and pray, the rest […]
  6. Treasure Hunt: Kingdom in Your Eyes (December 6, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “Look out for God’s twists and surprises when it comes to finding clues,” Cheryl advises the group this nippy December morning. “Often He likes to play with us, and He’ll show us our clues in ways we’d least expect.” Though while she speaks she’s aiming her smile most toward Jenny and […]
  7. Treasure Hunt: A Rainbow of Treasures (November 15, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Orange and black. Pink and purple. Red and white and blue. Sunshine yellow . . . and even yellow plaid. An entire spectrum of colors seems splashed against the clues that lead us to this morning’s human Treasures. And to at least one miracle. Before the larger team—consisting of Cheryl, Pastor […]
  8. Treasure Hunt: A Cord of Three Strands (November 1, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. As I approach Cheryl this morning in the line of the Tom Thumb Starbucks, she’s shaking her head even as she smiles and waves to me. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to call off this morning’s Treasure Hunt. Nobody else will be joining us today.” After I peek out the […]
  9. Treasure Hunt: Quantity and Quality (July 26, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. The adventures of this morning’s two Treasure Hunt teams prove a study in contrasts. While both teams receive location clues for Rockwall, the first—consisting of Brandy, Jennifer, her daughter Cheyenne and smaller son Corbin, and their friends Patty and Mora—is called into the bustling blood-red world of Target. There they meet […]
  10. Treasure Hunt: Discipleship Team at the Harbor and Myers Park: Praying for Prosperity and People in Purple (May 24, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. When I stroll into Tom Thumb this sunny Saturday morning, I see only Cheryl and Pastor Cliff seated at our regular table. I confess to feeling relief, as I prefer my Treasure Hunt ventures to prove small, personal, and peaceful. “Is anyone else coming today?” “Oh, yeah.” Cliff and Cheryl exchange […]
  11. Treasure Hunt: Butterflies, Blessings, and Bonnye’s Backyard (April 26, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. When I slip into Tom Thumb on this sunny, breezy Saturday morning, I don’t expect to see many fellow Treasure Hunters—owing to a Vineyard women’s conference being held at this same time. Sure enough, waiting for me in the chairs up front are only two of them. Cheryl and Abby—the co-leaders. […]
  12. Treasure Hunt: Five Clue Sheets, Five Hunters, and Six Treasures at Firewheel (March 22, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “I forgot to ask Cheryl for the clue sheets before she left town, so this morning I ended up hand-printing my own.” Abby pulls out five sheets of paper, plops them onto the Treasure Hunters’ table. The group’s co-leader is the only one seated there when I stroll into Tom Thumb […]
  13. Treasure Hunt: Targeting Pony Tails, Babies, and Lost Sons (March 8, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Even before we leave Tom Thumb on this misty Saturday morning, we again receive one Treasure . . . and the surprising hint of a second one. Sharon’s clue of blue plaid shoes points at once to Abby—who’s needing prayer for time management. “That’s another one of my clues,” Sharon exclaims […]
  14. Treasure Hunt: Traveling Two by Two (and Three) (February 22, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. After encouraging us all to be “Jesus’ followers, not His fans,” Cheryl glances round the table at her fellow Treasure Hunters. “Let’s split up into pairs this morning, since that is how Jesus sent out His disciples.” “I like that idea,” Sharla responds with a smile. “When we’re all together in […]
  15. Treasure Hunt: Following God’s Flow (January 25, 2014) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “ ‘Your part is to yield to My creative work in you, neither resisting it nor trying to speed it up.’ ” With a smile, Cheryl continues reading today’s entry from her copy of the devotional Jesus Calling. “ ‘Enjoy the tempo of a God-breathed life by letting Me set the […]
  16. Treasure Hunt: Frisky Dogs, Healed Hearts, and the Man in a Red Hat (November 9, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “It broke my heart to have to let her go. But when she ripped up an entire section of our carpet, terrorized the cats and our other dog, then decided to snack on the Book of Ephesians . . .” With a rueful smile, Cheryl points to the torn and tattered […]
  17. Treasure Hunt: We’re God’s Treasures Too! (October 12, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “This morning God’s been telling me to speak to you guys about His love for us.” Cheryl beams round the Tom Thumb table at her seven fellow Treasure Hunters—which this morning include her mother Sharon as well as the other Sharon, co-leader Abby, Dustin, Brandy, Bonnye, and me. After reading the […]
  18. Treasure Hunt: Golf Carts, Gulls, and Golden Shirts (October 5, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Outside seems to be the common location clue of this sunny morning’s two teams. “I’ve got the Harbor, but also somewhere new,” Gerald observes in a rather puzzled tone as he checks his clue sheet. “Someplace we’ve never been before.” “Target keeps coming up for me,” Cheryl puts in. “But since […]
  19. DaRT: Hounds of Heaven: Sniffing Out God’s Treasures on the Train (September 19, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “It’s pouring rain all over downtown Dallas.” Cheryl flashes her smartphone to the group, revealing the tell-tale image of green sludge oozing across her projected Dallas map. “Do we want to just cancel for tonight . . . or take a risk and go for it?” She bows her head. “What […]
  20. DaRT: Christians, Crosses, and Cupcakes: Finding Family and Faith at Ackard Station (September 5, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. The instant Brandy starts leading us in prayer—moments after she hops onto the train at Garland Station to meet the rest of us—the images come drifting in, bobbing behind my squeezed-shut eyelids. Four crosses. Every one enclosed within a circle. The crosses quiver and bounce before my inner eyes yet, all […]
  21. DaRT: Sharing Styles, Songs, and Streams of Living Water (August 15, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “Let’s see, there are six of us tonight. That means we can split up in two teams.” As we hop off the train at Pearl Street on this rain-washed, unseasonably cool evening in mid-August, Natalie surveys the group with thoughtful eyes. Her co-leader Brandy’s absent, along with Abby . . . […]
  22. DaRT: Planting Seeds and Prophecies (or Not) at West End (August 1, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. On this balmy August evening, God calls us back to West End. Back to our old stomping grounds, teeming with people. Rows of ragged men like smoky shadows, propped against the flame-red bricks of buildings. Weary women plopped down on black wrought-iron benches, pillowing their heads against bulging garbage sacks. And […]
  23. Treasure Hunt: At Rockwall Target Super Center (July 27, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Mothers and daughters. Together they seem to prove the theme of this Saturday morning’s Treasure Hunt at Rockwall’s Target Super Center (chosen resulting from the clue of red, the Target emblem, along with a number of directional clues). We end up in three vehicles due to various commitments following the hunt […]
  24. DaRT: Pictures, Play, and Prophecies (July 18, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “Hey Julie, you won’t believe this picture!” As we hop onto the train Abby plops down next to me and, with a wide grin, flashes a photo on her smartphone. I peek with curiosity, then stare in amazement. Daisies. A beautiful spray of white daisies, their snowy petals flowing out from […]
  25. Treasure Hunt: Flags, Dogs, and Birthdays (July 13, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Amidst flapping flags, prancing pooches, and bouncing birthday balloons, we find a total of sixteen human Treasures on this sunshine-splashed—yes, sunshine is one of our clues—Saturday morning in July. Several of these Treasures show up before we even leave Tom Thumb. “Thank you, guys, for putting the tables back.” As Starbucks […]
  26. Treasure Hunt: Blessing Unexpected Treasures at the Harbor (June 22, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Across this morning’s peaceful stretch of Harbor , the clues lay scattered in abundance. The six Treasure Hunters pass sprays of blood-red flowers, a lighthouse rising above the lake’s pristine blue water, a knot of tourists playing ball along the open space of shoreline. Several trucks zoom past down the nearby […]
  27. DaRT: Finding Freedom Seekers at Fair Park (June 20, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. At first glimpse through the mild June twilight, Fair Park looks deserted. The waters of the esplanade shimmer their silent beauty between two locked buildings, undisturbed by splashing tourists. Besides the five of us, the only humans seem to be comprised of multicolored paints . . . smeared in murals across […]
  28. DaRT: A Red Museum, a Golden Baby, and Several Planted Seeds (June 6, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “I’m getting a cathedral.” Cheryl beams at the rest of us as we finish our group prayer over where God wants to lead us on this balmy June evening. Moments later, after hopping off the train at West End, we spot it. Or at least what at first resembles a cathedral […]
  29. Treasure Hunt: Praying, Playing, and Persevering (May 25, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. The second we pull up in front of Party City—the location clue received by almost all seven of this morning’s Treasure Hunters—we see it. Abby’s clue . . . a staircase with an elevator. “How cool is that?” she asks the group with a wide grin as we all clamber out […]
  30. DaRT: A Rare Treasure in Union Station (May 16, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Tonight the lobby looks empty. Beneath the sparkling chandeliers of the Hyatt-Regency Hotel, all the chairs sit vacant. Our clanging footsteps echo across the floor, as sharply as they did when we hurried here through the underground tunnel from Union Station. The only murmurings come from human-constructed waterfalls, wafting their fresh […]
  31. Treasure Hunt: Childlike Faith (May 11, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “God’s message for today is that He has no message.” Cheryl smiles at her group of eight fellow Treasure Hunters, who on this sunny May morning include co-leader Abby, Gerald and Bonnye, first-timers Bob and Sharla, Julie, and Jennifer along with her small son Corby. “That’s why I didn’t read an […]
  32. DaRT: Preachers, Prayer Teams, and a Second Brandy (April 18, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. On this nippy April evening at West End, almost nobody wants prayer. Except, that is, for Pastor Andre . . . and the members of another prayer team. We meet Andre first, the moment we leap off the train. He’s propped against the brick wall near our stop, resembling most of […]
  33. Treasure Hunt: Surprises, Miracles, and Package Deals (April 13, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Be thankful for quiet days, when nothing special seems to be happening. Upon reading that sentence in this morning’s Jesus Calling devotional, Julie feels just a twinge of disappointment. Guess nothing too special will happen on this morning’s Treasure Hunt. But moments later while she’s strolling on her morning walk, a […]
  34. DaRT: Divine Encounters in Different Worlds (March 14, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. “Hey. You folks lookin’ for the hotel?” A smile flashes white in Ronald’s weather-seamed black face as the little man scurries up to greet us. He resembles many of the ragged homeless men who haunt the street corners at West End. But on this balmy evening when we hop off the […]
  35. Treasure Hunt: Blessings (March 9, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. This morning’s Treasure Hunt proves a special time both to give and receive God’s blessings. “Glad you two could make it.” Cheryl beams as Julie and her visiting daughter Rema hurry into Tom Thumb and slip over to the table . . . only a minute before the clue sheets are […]
  36. DaRT: Prattle, Prayers, and Practical Jokes (February 21, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Some people just need to talk. “Naw, don’t need prayer for anything,” Randolph assures Natalie on this gently nippy evening after she explains to him our purpose. “Though I do believe in prayer and that God blesses what you folks are doin,’ praise the Lord.” He breaks into a huge gap-toothed […]
  37. Treasure Hunt #7 (February 9, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Cheryl’s opening devotion, culled from her copy of the well-known Jesus Calling, proved especially timely before this morning’s adventure. “ ‘It is not an easy road, but it is a delightful and privileged way: a treasure hunt.’ ” We all marveled at what we knew was no coincidence. And we wondered […]
  38. DaRT: Miracle on Elm Street (February 7, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Deep Ellum. A new location, an arts district known for its coffee houses and offbeat sculptures . . . like the giant tin robot sprawled out strumming a banjo, whose insect eyes gape at us as we hop off the train. “We should see some interesting-looking people round here, too,” Natalie […]
  39. Treasure Hunt #6 (January 26, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. At two never-before-granted locations, this misty morning’s team of eight Treasure Hunters discovered a total of nine Treasures. Well, make that twenty-one . . . counting both human and canine Treasures. And we witnessed one confirmed miracle. The clues of fish, paw prints, cats and dogs, and a dog drinking water […]
  40. Treasure Hunt #5 (January 12, 2013) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. Thirteen Treasure Hunters. Thirteen human Treasures prayed for by each of the two teams. These seemed strangely fitting numbers for the first Treasure Hunt conducted in the year 2013 . . . much the way twelve participants fit the final hunt of 2012. As Brandy slyly commented following this year’s first […]
  41. Treasure Hunt #4 (December 8, 2012) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. When Fran received church, and Sarah NHV, as two of their clues for this morning’s Treasure Hunt, the group of twelve Treasure Hunters all burst out laughing. “Maybe that means our team is meant to just hang out at the church and pray for the rest of y’all,” Sarah joked. But […]
  42. DaRT: Gifts and Mysteries (December 6, 2012) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. He’s slumped against the frost-glazed wall of the downtown Dallas McDonald’s, coatless arms twined round his sunken torso as he shivers in the crisp December chill. My brain snaps a photo of his aging face, black as the night and seamed with wrinkles. Then stores the snapshot away into some forgotten […]
  43. DaRT: Statues and Smiles (November 15, 2012) - Contributed by Julie Atwood “Did you notice Jacob’s eyes? How dead they looked?” As we scurry along the blackened Dallas street, its night sky lit up by only stars and neon signs, I ponder Brandy’s question. Jacob. The first person my companions felt led this evening to envelop in prayer and in God’s love. Twentyish, […]
  44. Treasure Hunt #3 (November 10, 2012) - Contributed by Julie Atwood, written in the person of Cheryl Scramuzza. Three treasures found by only one team. This trend thrilled the folks who set out on New Horizon Vineyard’s third treasure hunt. In the first, it took two teams to discover only one treasure . . . while during the second excursion, a single […]
  45. DaRT: World of Colors (November 1, 2012) - Contributed by Julie Atwood Back and forth. Forth and back. Every evening Robert paces the downtown Dallas parking lot, a restless lean shadow against the purpling dusk. From time to time he pauses, props himself against the Dumpster that shields the metal shed he’s made his home. There he flicks his fingers and mumbles to […]
  46. Treasure Hunt #2 (October 20, 2012) - Contributed by Julie Atwood. The clues for this morning’s search for human treasures included docks and rocks, trees, sunglasses and flip-flops, bones, angel, mother’s illness and a teal shirt. These were the clues that actually came alive as we searched for God-appointed people to bless through prayer. Two specific locations popped into the minds of […]

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