New Horizon Vineyard is a community committed to relationship. Relationship with God and each other. We know that if we start here, we will end up changing the world. We aren’t perfect but we are real. We don’t hide our imperfections but understand that part of authentic community is transparency and vulnerability. So we invite you into the story we are writing here at NHV.

In 1990, a group of 35 individuals joined together to form Providence Presbyterian Church. They were a congregation without a pastor meeting in the fellowship hall of a Baptist Church in Garland. Cliff was a former youth pastor in Denver, Colorado, and had just recently moved back to Dallas to pursue a spot on the PGA Tour. Through a divinely orchestrated set of events, the Lord told Cliff that the PGA Tour was a great idea but not His idea and that he needed to get back to his calling as a pastor. God brought together the pastor and the congregation in November 1990.

The group went from that fellowship hall to Lakeview Centennial High School to an office complex off of I-30 & Bobtown Road. Each step was a step of growth, both physically and spiritually. The trail ultimately led to the purchase of nearly 9 acres and the building of the present facility at Dalrock & Schrade in 1997. In 2000, the leadership of Providence Church unanimously voted to leave the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Denomination and become part of the Association of Vineyard Churches. The move unified the external name with the internal make-up of the church. Providence didn’t become a Vineyard, it just recognized that it already was one. In April 2001 Providence Church was officially accepted into the Association of Vineyard Churches as New Horizon Vineyard Church.

The national Vineyard website introduces the Vineyard movement by saying:

“The Vineyard story is about ordinary people who worship and serve an extraordinary God. The Vineyard is simply one thread in the rich tapestry of the historic and global Church of Jesus Christ. But it is a thread of God’s weaving. From the beginning, Vineyard pastors and leaders have sought to hold in tension the biblical doctrines of the Christian faith with an ardent pursuit of the present day work of the Spirit of God.”

We continue to embrace that vision.