Our mission is to lead and encourage people to Draw Closer in their personal realtionship to God, to Grow Stronger in their relationships with each other and to Live Louder by building relationships that make a difference in their community and their world.

Guiding Principles

God has a plan and a purpose for NHV.  We believe He has uniquely designed us to be a church that makes a difference by living out the great commission by embracing these principles to govern the decisions we make as a church.

Putting God First

  1. Experiential Worship- Worship is the heart of who we are. We place value on encountering God through songs not only sung about God, but to Him in an environment that invites His presence.
  2. Transformational Discipleship—this is learning that exhibits transformation; a change in the way we live and how we love others.
  3. Real Relationships- Community is established with heartfelt relationships.
  4. Simple Service- We allow and encourage you to serve by using your unique gifting and wiring in one of our service areas.
  5. Impacting Evangelism-We aim to influence others, to seek the lost and to have a sustainable impact.

Our environment is an expression of our values

  • We believe that it is our responsibility to provide an accepting and welcoming atmosphere so that our mission can be lived out.
  • We strive to be real.  We are not formal, but casual in style and we are genuinely sincere.  We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • We embrace diversity; the church that looks like heaven with every nation and every race represented.
  • We aim to lead people to the fullness of Christ by deliberate explanation and an understanding that makes you feel safe.
  • Our focus is directed outward and never inward.
  • NHV provides a place that allows you to be who you are.
  • People can expect their experience at NHV to be relevant and enjoyable.
  • Our ministries are targeted to meet the felt needs of adults and children through age appropriate teaching.

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